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Ruminati is constantly collaborating with leading climate scientists and farm data professionals to better support producers track their farm emissions and promote pathways for the livestock industry to achieve its carbon neutral by 2030 goal. 

To make sure producers always have an efficient way to create an emissions baseline for their property, we offer our standard emissions calculator Ruminati BASE for free. Sign up to Ruminati BASE by clicking HERE, or read on to explore our premium options for farmers and the supply chain.

Ruminati PRIME

NEW 2023

Ruminati PRIME is Ruminati’s upgraded emissions calculator platform.

Ruminati PRIME not only allows you to easily and accurately calculate an emissions baseline, but gives you the added ability to model the impact of methane and CO2-e abatement options, set and measure against individual emissions reduction targets, and create tailor-made, future-facing emissions reductions plans.

Ruminati PRIME also gives its users the option to share intensity metrics with selected organisations that require emissions data for their supply chains. By electing to share on-farm emissions data, you can help their customers and other stakeholders including banks and insurers meet their reporting requirements into agricultural emissions and broader sustainability.

Ruminati PRIME is available now for $600 (ex GST) p/y or subsidised by participating organisations. For more information please contact a member of our team at hello@ruminati.com.au or click on the button below to watch a video walkthrough.

Watch the video walkthrough

Ruminati VISION

NEW 2023

Ruminati VISION is Ruminati’s new emissions analysis and insights platform.

Ruminati VISION allows large-scale businesses and organisations to access, measure and compare accurate, detailed agricultural emissions data from Ruminati users who have elected to share their data.

Data delivered via the Ruminati VISION platform can be used for research into agricultural sustainability, help develop innovative solutions and best practices for reducing emissions in Australia’s agriculture industry, and allows businesses and organisations to track user generated agricultural emissions data against established emissions targets.

Ruminati VISION is available now, POA. Please contact a member of our team using hello@ruminati.com.au.