Rabobank is excited to announce their recent partnership with Ruminati, a leading Australian ag-tech service provider dedicated to helping producers and feedlotters across Australia track and manage their emissions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Rabobank’s commitment to environmental stewardship and empowering their producers with innovative tools for climate action.

As part of this collaboration Rabobank is offering 1 year of access to the Ruminati PRIME platform (valued at $600 + GST) at no direct cost to their customers.


Before you begin:

About Ruminati

Built by producers and backed by experts, Ruminati is all about making emissions tracking and management quick and straightforward. The user-friendly Ruminati PRIME calculator and reduction planner put control in your hands, giving you critical insights and facilitating seamless aggregated emissions data sharing with your own partners. This supports both your business and industry-wide emissions reduction efforts, all while you retain ownership of your data.


Data Sharing

By taking advantage of this offer your consent to sharing summary data about your enterprise, emissions report results and reduction plans with Rabobank. By granting consent, you agree to Rabobank being provided with access to view these specific data points on the Ruminati platform and aggregate them with other data points to estimate their emissions profile. This consent does not provide Rabobank with the authority to share your information directly with any other parties (except in aggregated form) or attribute the information directly to your enterprise in communication with other parties.

Below is a list of the summary data you'll be sharing:


This summary data will enable Rabobank to better understand and estimate emissions levels and mitigation action across their supply chain. You will be provided with the option to revoke data sharing with Rabobank once the offer period has been completed (1 year).

Download the Data Sharing Guide

For Further Support

For more information on the partnership, please contact the Ruminati team at or your Rabobank Account Manager.